This week, the annual Screen Actors Guild gave the entertainment industry yet another chance to disrespect President Donald Trump. Perhaps the most outrageous liberal speech of the night came by Ashton Kutcher, who decided to kick off the night by bashing Trump—a decision that quickly backfired.

“Everyone at airports who belong in my America, you are part of the fabric of who we are…we welcome you,” Kutcher said at the beginning of the show, clearly reference the executive order Trump signed on Friday.

Kutcher later took to Twitter to continue his anti-Trump sentiment. His monologue set the tone for the entire night and conservative Americans did not take very well to it.

“#AshtonKutcher your America? We do not want to see you in anymore shows or movies. YOU WORK FOR US IDIOT!” one Twitter user wrote.

“Hollywood & #AshtonKutcher it’s not YOUR AMERICA!!!” another chimed in. “It’s OUR AMERICA!”

Others were quick to point out that Kutcher’s career has been dwindling for some time, so he had very little left to risk with his “brave” confrontation.”

What do you think? Is Kutcher vastly overestimating his influence?

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