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Trump Publicly HUMILIATES Crybabies Pelosi and Schumer After What He Caught Them Doing On Capitol Steps

While the media was largely in meltdown mode over President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders implementing, among other things, a …Read the Rest

Bad News For Freeloading Muslims Refugees After Their Dirty Secret They’ve Hidden For YEARS Comes Out

New research is showing that Muslim Refugees from North Africa and the Middle East are still unemployed years after immigrating …Read the Rest

Anti-Trump Protestors Block The Road, Watch What Happens Immediately After [VIDEO]

In the past month, we’ve seen an escalation of anti-Trump protests throughout the country, with liberals going to new extremes …Read the Rest

Trump is right to push for safe zones in Syria; An Op-Ed by IDC Executive Director Philippe Nassif

“The Lebanese military, financially backed by the United States, is regularly engaged in conflict with the Islamic State along Lebanon’s …Read the Rest

IDC in the News- Executive Director Philippe Nassif Comments on Immigration Ban Executive Order

“Lobby group, In Defense of Christians, executive director Philippe Nassif called for a quick end to the ban and said …Read the Rest

Ashton Kutcher Goes Off On Trump Mid Ceremony, Get’s Brutal Wakeup Call Right After [VIDEO]

This week, the annual Screen Actors Guild gave the entertainment industry yet another chance to disrespect President Donald Trump. Perhaps …Read the Rest

Trump Blatantly Explains The ‘Muslim’ Ban Live On TV, Liberal Media Suppresses It Immediately [WATCH]

For the past eight years, our country has paid the price of the weak foreign policies of Barack Obama. After …Read the Rest

Whoopi Goldberg Once Again Out Does Herself After Attacking Donald, She Is Publicly Humiliated

We didn’t think it was possible, but Whoopi Goldberg has just pushed things farther than ever before. During a heated …Read the Rest

Trey Gowdy Enters The Immigration Debate, And Single Handedly Destroys The Opposition

For what seem like the thousandth time, Trey Gowdy has proven that he is going to help win the fight …Read the Rest

Starbucks Takes HUGE Hit After CEO Makes Sickening Move Towards Trump

On Friday, the liberal media went crazy over Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz latched on to …Read the Rest