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Garth Brooks Betrays Donald Trump In Disgusting Way, Do You Still Support Him

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Kellyanne Conway Receives Amazing News Just In Time For The Holidays

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George W. Bush Just Put Obama To Shame, This Is Was A Real President Does

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U.S. Navy Takes Massive Stand Against Obama… They’ve Had Enough

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Idiot Juan Williams Gets Brutally Annihilated After Calling Kellyanne A ‘Bad Mother…’

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Michelle Obama Just Received Devastating News During The Holidays

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SICK: Obama Says It’s A ‘Good Idea’ To Do THIS To White People

Is Barry talking about reparations for slavery again? When will this half black Kenyan STFU about reparations? It’s not ever …Read the Rest

Tomi Lahren Absolutely Crushes MTV’s Racist Video Telling White Men To Stop Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

MTV still has a channel? I stopped watching MTV when the M stopped meaning “MUSIC” and began standing for “MUNDANEBULLSH*T.” …Read the Rest

Kellyanne Responds To Haters And Slams Obama And Bill Clinton In One Scathing Sentence

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Future Vice President Pence Posted This Heartfelt Christmas Message

Vice President-elect Mike Pence issued a Christmas statement via Facebook that was very moving and embodies the true sentiment of …Read the Rest