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HIV CRACKHEAD HOOKER LOVING Charlie Sheen Wished Trump Was Killed… Just Got a MASSIVE Dose of Karma!

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Parents OUTRAGED When They Learned The Islamic Garbage Their Kids Were Force Fed! (VIDEO)

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Giuliani Just EXPLODED On Obama! Knocked Him The HELL OUT On LIVE TV! Fox Anchors Left SHOCKED! (VIDEO)

The former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani just served up a plate of hot steaming ROAST Obama. He shared …Read the Rest

BREAKING: U.S. Airstrikes Kill ISIS Leader In Syria [VIDEO]

According to reports from Fox News, a top Islamic State military commander described as a “gang leader” for the terror …Read the Rest

Congress Just Bypassed Obama, They Will Not Let Him Get Away With This

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has ruined our relationship with Israel—essentially putting the nail in the coffin on Friday when …Read the Rest

What Obama Was Just Spotted Doing Right After Destroying Our Relationship With Israel Will Make You Sick

Last week, President Barack Obama outraged the nation when he effectively ruined the United States’ relationship with Israel by throwing …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Trump’s Inauguration Hit With Major Blow

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Disturbing Picture Of Obama Scrubbed From Twitter… You’ll Know Exactly Why When You See It

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BREAKING: Democratic Senators Throw Obama Under The Bus… It’s Happening!

On Friday of last week, the Obama administration decided not to veto a UN Security Council resolution harshly criticizing Israel …Read the Rest

NEW EVIDENCE Surrounding Tarmac Meeting Between Lynch & Clinton – HILLARY EXPOSED!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix Airport in June of 2016. This became …Read the Rest