Just weeks before Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Donald Trump, Eric Braverman disappeared and it shocked D.C. along with several other liberal cities across the country. Truth be told very few knew the man existed at all, so him disappearing without a trace only came as a shock to most within the political blogosphere.

The question some are asking is why is mainstream media ignoring the fact that a top-lecel Clinton Foundation official has gone missing? Some have speculated that Braverman himsel chose to go into hiding after his name popped up in one of the scandal emails dropped by WikiLeaks, just days before he disappeared.
It was an email that told Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and longtime pal, John Podesta that there was a mole within the Clinton Foundation, and stated that it was Braverman himself.

Before the emails started to pour showing John Podesta and Neera Tanden and their exchange, Braverman very quickly resigned as the CEO of the Clinton Foundation. Then almost immediately after that WikiLeaks took the emails public. Soon after the former CEO completely vanished.

The last piece of evidence Eric Braverman shown in being active on a public level was on October 12. He posted to his Twitter account, a thing he does reportedly once a month.

Former British Ambassador, Craig Murray who is a close friend with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, claims the leaked emails from the Democrat Party were absolutely not taken by the Russians but from a disgruntled insider.

This…is the first explanation that actually makes sense.

Maybe it was Eric Braverman, maybe it wasn’t. However circumstance tells us…it is something to consider.

The man was originally hired to be CEO by Chelsea Clinton who wanted to find and clean up any corruption that could be found in her family charity. Then he was allegedly forced out by John Podesta…in the end.

Do you think he could have been the whistle blower all along?

If so..someone needs to buy that man a drink.

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