The stark difference between the 44th and 45th President of the United States could be any larger.

Recently President-Elect Donald Trump posted a video of Barack Obama showing him working a crowd of reporters instead of doing his actual job which is focusing on the numerous threats facing America. Some of which, he created his damn self.

With this post Trump wrote “We need a real president,”

Many believe that time has come. We will once again have a REAL president in the White House who is patriotic and loves his country and her people.

He has already proven to his work ethic is compared to none, and even before he has entered the White House he is already embarked on a his mission to ‘make America great again’ and the fruits of his labor thus far have already shown to be ripe!

Obama tends to make everything about him, and never actually talks about the issues…he just skirts around them and uses big works to try and dumbfound Americans into thinking he knows what he’s talking about even when they don’t.


Satan’s favorite tool of destruction and deceit.

We need a real President!

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on Dec 29, 2015 at 11:10am PST

Well that’s not how Trump is going to run things…he is for the people. Not the media or politicians and that right there…means everything.

Barack Obama turned one of his press conferences into an ode to himself and all he mistakenly believes he accomplished during his term. Making America meek and her people more dependent upon the government is not a trophy-worthy accomplishment.

Obama spent his time at the microphone referencing Star Wars! How and why Obama decides to embrace his inner-geek is not of any importance or benefit to America. He is far more concerned about his legacy than the future of the citizens of the country he took an oath to protect.

“Okay, everybody, I have to get to Star Wars,” Obama joked into the microphone. The lack of work ethic in the most socialist president the United States has ever had to suffer through is readily apparent and pathetic.

He has to get to Star Wars? While the real battle is in the streets of America and raging in the middle East he wants to get to a battle in space that does not really exist.

His priorities are just as on point as his policies aren’t they?

Donald Trump isn’t waiting until he takes the oath to roll his sleeves up and get to work. He is working now, and we all know that means things are going to get done. It’s how he does it. Done before deadline, and always under budget.

I don’t know about you but I am welcoming 2017 with open arms…

Buh-bye Obamas…

Please don’t forget when you leave the White House to take your awful habit of making everything about you….with you. Good luck with that Michelle.

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