Heather MacDonald who is a Law enforcement advocate has documented an array of new statistics in the New York Post. They are challenging the narrative that Black Lives Matter has been pushing with their so-called movement.

The statistics were based on the windy city of Chicago.

Arrest are shown to be down 28 percent this year which is the lowest since 2001. Drug busts and arrests are down 50%… an entire HALF! Pedestrian stops which were the huge point if tantrum from liberals are also down by 82 percent… ridiculous.

HOWEVER, unlike what Black Lives Matter predicted, instead of it creating a new golden age of peace and prosperity…we are now experiencing a renaissance in crime.
Here are the numbers…and numbers don’t lie.

This year so far, there are 4,334 people have been shot, one person every two hours. Of these people shot almost all of them were black. The police themselves have shot… 25. Of these 25 all were armed or otherwise dangerous.

This calculates to be less than .6 percent of shootings having to do with police officers.

This number is a drastic increase from last year when it was 2,989 people who were shot, and 492 of them were homicides. Shootings are reflecting to have increased 45 percent over just this last year, and homicides have increased a whopping 56.5 percent.

What Black Lives Matter refuses to acknowledge is that of all this, less than 1 percent of the shootings were by police. Yet that is their entire focus…police being the threat. The police that represent 1 percent…being the threat to black people. When 99.4 percent of the ACTUAL threat has NOTHING to do with police.

MacDonald says the real culprit is what academics and social justice groups have actually advocated as the solution to high crime rates: de-policing and the undoing of “broken window” policies that help deter greater crimes by targeting lesser criminals before they get a chance to expand their criminal activities.

She hopes that this will highlight the devastating consequences of de-policing to prevent other cities from implementing the policies that have caused so much misery in the beleaguered city of Chicago.

The ignorance of Black Lives Matter is disgusting and just plain annoying. They have put a target on our blue lives and have the audacity to do so while whining “WO IS ME, WO IS ME” all the while, our men and women in blue serve and protect a people that are ungrateful, and the very threat to their lives.

I cannot wait to purge the Obama from this America.

I cannot just cannot wait.

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