As the old saying goes “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

It’s the reason you see zero mass public shootings at gun shows, where there are more guns than people, and see nearly ALL mass public shootings occur in so-called “gun free zones” instead. I prefer to call such “gun free zones” safe spaces for criminals.

Perhaps one of my favorite cases of “what were the criminals possibly thinking?” comes from 2015, when Pamela Geller held a contest to draw the prophet Mohammad in Texas. Two ISIS-inspired terrorists attempted to attack the event….. and were promptly shot dead before they could even enter. It was an anti-Islam event in TEXAS – how more obvious would it have to be that people there would be armed?

Well, in some cases it could be more obvious…. like this group of idiots who attempted to rob a gun store. As the US Herald reported:

In Cobb County, Georgia two armed robbers attempted to rob a local gun store on Monday morning.

These two moronic thugs should have realized how idiotic their plan was before donning their ski masks and trying to make a quick buck, but it never dawned on them that robbing a gun store might not be the best idea.

It wasn’t until the two entered the store did they realize how big of a mistake they had made.

According to police, the two thugs entered Dixie Gun and Pawn on Veterans Memorial Parkway in Cobb County, just as the owner was preparing to open the store.

The two were both armed and dressed in ski masks. Police say that the owner grabbed his own gun and open fired on the men, hitting and killing one of them.

The second gunman fled the scene and ran to the nearby Mableton neighborhood. As of now police are still searching for the second gunman.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the dead gunman made an appearance in the next edition of the Darwin Awards.

On second thought, I really do wish all criminals were this stupid.


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