On Monday, while the rest of the nation was paying attention to the Electoral College, President Obama was busy granting the most acts of clemency by a U.S. president ever in a single day. He pardoned 78 people and granted another 153 commutations, Fox News reports.

White House Counsel Neil Eggleston announced the decisions in an official blog post, claiming that all individuals being pardoned or seeing their sentences shortened were “deserving.”

“The 231 individuals granted clemency today have all demonstrated that they are ready to make use—or have already made us—of a second chance,” Eggleston wrote, before making a chilling prediction. “I expect that the President will issue more grants of both commutations and pardons before he leaves office.”

The decision comes after Donald Trump has already suggested authorities have been too soft on crime. Now, it looks like he is using his last month in his presidency to grant commutations at a rapid-fire pace, focusing on shortening sentences of those convicted of drug offenses instead of pardons.

Throughout his presidency, Obama has now pardoned a total of 148 people and shortened the sentences of 1,176 people—including 395 serving life sentences. A common thread in all of these stories involved rehabilitation. Eggleston commented that recipients have shown “they have led a productive and law-abiding post-conviction life, including contributing to the community in a meaningful way.”

Of course, Obama was in Hawaii while he was letting these criminals off the hook.

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