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Heartbreaking Announcement About Donald Trump Inauguration

President-Elect Donald Trump is having a hard time securing an A-list act for his inauguration and liberals are to blame. …Read the Rest

BRUTAL: Obama Is PISSED After Trump Reveals This Disgusting Habit Of His To The World!

The stark difference between the 44th and 45th President of the United States could be any larger. Recently President-Elect Donald …Read the Rest

Clinton Foundation CEO Disappears, Media HIDING What REALLY Happened

Just weeks before Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Donald Trump, Eric Braverman disappeared and it shocked D.C. along with several other …Read the Rest

ILLEGAL MEXICAN Who Raped A 13-Year-Old Girl And Deported 19 Times, Just Got A BRUTAL Dose Of JUSTICE!

Illegal immigrant Mexican, Tomas Martinez-Maldonado, was deported ten times and “voluntarily removed” nine other times from the United States. He …Read the Rest

School Does Unforgivable Thing To Kellyanne Conway… Look How She Fought Back

According to reports, Kellyanne Conway has expressed her concern that establishment elites in Washington are so prejudiced against President-Elect Donald …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Trump Announces What No One Ever Expected About His Inauguration

According to recent reports, Donald Trump has just made a monumental announcement about his inauguration—both the Archbishop of New York, …Read the Rest

Obama Just Realized His Worst Nightmare After Israel Resolution

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has done everything he can to destroy our relationship with Israel. On Friday of last …Read the Rest

Surprising Celebrity Joins Forces With Trump… And It’s Not Rosie

On Wednesday night, President-Elect Donald Trump shocked the nation by holding an impromptu press conference with boxing promoter Don King …Read the Rest

Obama’s ‘Red Carpet’: Feds Dump 40 Illegal Aliens At Texas Bus Stop

For nearly eight years, President Barack Obama’s administration has been besieged with criticism of wasteful government spending by conservatives – …Read the Rest

Black Lives FECAL Matter Gets Their Way In Chicago, And Instantly This Happens!

Heather MacDonald who is a Law enforcement advocate has documented an array of new statistics in the New York Post. …Read the Rest