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Obama Just Bought A New House… But There’s Something Very Odd, Look Very Closely

Throughout his two terms as president, Barack Obama has lectured the American people about the importance of embracing diversity. That’s …Read the Rest

Trump’s Plan May Include Having Police Officers Assist in Deportation Process

Donald Trump expressed interest in deporting illegal immigrants, specifically those who have a criminal record. Trump’s plan might include training …Read the Rest

Trump Supporter UNLOADS on Black Lives Matter and Black Community They’re an “Absolute Embarrassment” (VIDEO)

Jeremy Hunt raised many good points when he spoke about the Black Lives Matter protests. Watch the video. The protests …Read the Rest

Black Bus Driver IGNORES Group Of Thugs Attacking White Catholic School Girls!! OUTRAGEOUS!

Four Caucasian girls were attacked in a racially motivated crime. The four girls were fifteen years old and attended Catholic …Read the Rest

OOPS! CNN Broadcasted 30 Mins Of HARDCORE Porn Last Night!

It’s been reported that CNN viewers in Boston received quite the show when the network accidentally broadcast hardcore transgender porn. …Read the Rest

Stupid Thug Invades Home And Stabs 75 Year Old Man, 80 Year Old Grandma Blows Him Away

According to recent reports, an intruder broke into a home in Monroe, Washington and began stabbing a 75-year-old man. Fortunately, …Read the Rest

New Law Sentencing Anyone Who Kills A Police Officer To Death

Throughout his presidency, President Obama has done very little to stand up for our country’s law enforcement and discouraging the …Read the Rest

Trump Makes Massive Black Friday Announcement [PLEASE READ]

Yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump delivered a very important Thanksgiving message, asking for a restoration of trust between citizens. His message …Read the Rest

Trump Humiliates Obama, Shows What A Real President Would Do For Family Of Killed Texas Officer

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump showed his immense support for our nation’s law enforcement and their families. Now, new reports …Read the Rest

Ford Doubles Back, Makes Massive Move To Get Behind Trump… He Was Right All Along

One of the core pieces of Donald Trump’s America First platform was focused on reviving manufacturing to keep jobs here …Read the Rest