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BREAKING: Active shooter reported on Ohio State campus

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Donald Trump Drives Liberals Nuts With One Tweet About Electoral College

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VIDEO: 3 Black Women Say White Men Beat Them, Then Cops Pull Out This Tape

No shock here! Thugs are always up to no good. Lying, looting, rioting, murdering, raping. Name the crime & hoodrats …Read the Rest

BREAKING: 3 Dead, 13 Wounded Waiting On Police Chief To Address The Nation

The Gun Violence in the city of Chicago saw a huge spike over the weekend with 3 dead and 13 …Read the Rest

Major CEO Says He Does Not Welcome Any Trump Supporter

According to The Washington Times, Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of an Albuquerque-based internet marketing firm, just issued a letter telling all …Read the Rest

The Real Truth About What America Thinks About Donald Trump [READ THIS]

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Donald Trump Makes Courageous Announcement About Cabinet That Is Nowhere To Be Found On Mainstream Media

In his recent interview with New York Times reporters on Tuesday, Trump made it very clear that he has not …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Dan Rather Pays Big For Attacking Donald Trump In Scathing Rant, Proves That He Is…

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Watch What Happens Immediately After Obama Emerges From Private Jet… He Never Expected This

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BREAKING: Dan Rather Just Released SCATHING Attack On Trump – PROVES Media Is In Hillary’s Pocket {READ HERE]

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