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LIBERAL NARATIVE: OSU Suspect Complained Campus Has No Muslim Prayer Rooms

His name is Abdul Razak Ali Artan and he is the suspect who rammed a car into students at Ohio …Read the Rest

OSU Student Leaks Unbelievable Thing Military Classmates Did During Attack

The nation was gripped with yet another attack that may have been an Islamic terrorist attack (still investigating motive) at …Read the Rest

LIBERALS Outraged ‘White’ Cop Praised as Hero For Shooting Muslim Refugee Terrorist

Well if this is is proof of anything, it’s proof that this Nation lacks not in a-holes. FAR FAR FAAAAR …Read the Rest

Liberals Already Defending Muslim Terrorist—He Was ‘Scared’ To Pray in Public As a Muslim

Liberals are stupid, and stupid people suck. Too harsh? Maybe…but true. We have 11 students that had experienced terror today …Read the Rest

Kaepernick Loses It All After One Statement He Can Never Take Back

In one of the most infuriating protests of 2016, San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick has been refusing to kneel for …Read the Rest

Major Retailer Makes Shocking Announcement About Ivanka Trump

While many other department stores cower under liberal demands, Nordstrom has announced that it will not boycott products by Ivanka …Read the Rest

Kellyanne Conway Crushes Hillary Immediately After She Demands Recount… Brutal

In what Sean Hannity accurately described as “collective insanity,” the Hillary Clinton supporters have refused to accept the reality. Donald …Read the Rest

Veteran Mother Of 2 Told She Can’t Fly Her Flag, So Look How She Responded… EPIC [WATCH]

Recently, Fox News featured the story of a determined mother who is fighting for her right to wave the American …Read the Rest

Tim Tebow Takes Heat After Revealing This About His Faith… He Needs Your Support

In an interview with ‘Fox & Friends’ yesterday, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow discussed his new book ‘Shaken.’ Tebow is …Read the Rest

OHH HELL NO! After Trump’s Big Victory, Jeb Bush Asks to Board The Trump Train

President Elect Trump did not make many friends while he was running for President. Many of those detractors were people …Read the Rest