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Newsletter – November 30, 2016

IDC Activities On October 11, IDC Senior Advisor Kirsten Evans presented “The Historical Context of the Rise of Christian Persecution in …Read the Rest

A U.S. Marine And Two Police Officers At A Restaurant

Joe Vicente Cadena, a United States Marine, went to a local Chick-fil-A Restaurant for dinner. When he saw two police …Read the Rest

City Councilman Tells Citizens To Throw Rocks At Cops Who Are Arresting Criminals… Watch What Happens Next [VIDEO]

According to reports, Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democratic legislator for Texas has made claims that the Constitution is 400 years …Read the Rest

Trump Announces Major Punishment For Anyone Who Burns Flag… You’re Going To Love It

Ever since Election Night, liberals have been protesting the future presidency of Donald Trump. In stunning acts of hypocrisy, these-Clinton …Read the Rest

Melania Trump Takes Down Libs Who Attacked Son… The Bull Is In The China Shop

In the last few weeks, liberal attacks on President-elect Donald Trump have gotten personal—with social media trolls targeting his family …Read the Rest

Jill Stein Learns Her Fate After Demanding Recount…

Ever since Donald Trump broke the hearts of liberals by winning the presidential election, Green Party candidate Jill Stein has …Read the Rest

Melania Trump DESTROYS Rosie O’Donnell In A Way No One Ever Expected [VIDEO]

According to reports from TMZ, Melania Trump has threatened to sue the YouTuber who posted a video claiming her 10-year-old …Read the Rest

WHAT?! OSU Diversity Officer Apologizes For Terrorist In Facebook Post, Urges Sympathy

Are liberals insane, oblivious, delusional, or just plain evil? Yes. As we’re all aware, there was a terror attack at …Read the Rest

SHUT IT DOWN! Mosque One Mile From #OhioState is Under Six “Terror-Related” Investigations

There was a terror attack at Ohio State University yesterday, but it was hardly the only suspicious thing to come …Read the Rest

REPORT: Loser Hillary Planning Yet Another Run For President in 2020

It’s only been weeks since Hillary Clinton suffered a crushing defeat to Donald Trump, and if you’ve seen any of …Read the Rest