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Claude Van Damme Blacklisted By Hollywood After Showing His Allegiance To America And Trump

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Obama’s DOJ Is Threatening To Arrest Anyone Challenging The Voter Fraud Epidemic In Our Country

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Hillary Is Trembling In Fear Of Trey Gowdy… Look What They Just Found In Her Emails

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has found a true rival in WikiLeaks, a site that liberals used to rally around …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Hillary Is Truly F****d, Feds Make Huge Arrest Disrupting Entire Campaign

Another day; another Hillary Clinton scandal. That’s what happens when you nominate a career criminal for President. The Clinton campaign …Read the Rest

Sarah Palin Steps Up, Slams GOP With Brutal Truth… No One Thought She Would Do This

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BREAKING: Everything Is Changing At Fox News… Will You Still Tune In

According to recent reports, Time Warner might be purchased by AT&T for a whopping $85 billion. The potential acquisition raises …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Fox News Just Did Something SICKENING To Newt Gingrich After Ripping Megyn Kelly A New One

Megyn Kelly has lost the support of millions of Fox News fans over the past year for her frequent and …Read the Rest

Trump Stepped Of His Plane, And Look What Happened Immediately After [WATCH]

If you listened only to the mainstream media, you would think that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has absolutely no …Read the Rest

Thug Punches Female Teacher In The Face…Then Surprising HERO DESTROYS Thug’s FACE! (VIDEO)

This is unexpected in the world we live in today. It’s not often we get to hear about the Good …Read the Rest

VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Is Threatening To Leave U.S. And Never Return – You’ll LOVE Why She’s Going!

You can add Whoopi Goldberg to the list of Hollywood deplorable who will leave the country is Donald Trump is …Read the Rest