Over the past five to ten years our society as a whole has degraded over time. Look no further than the current state of our political system and who our presidential nominees are. One of the things that is most noticeable is lack of rule following and blatant disregard of law enforcement. Which is why this story will not shock you in the least bit.

A woman, who is nothing more than a would be thief, was caught in Florida trying to shoplift from Claire’s jewelry store. She was outraged and offended after being arrested, for what reason is beyond all of us.

The woman’s name is Prolancia Aquila Turner and she reportedly said the following shortly after being arrested,

“Everyone steals from this store. Why are you picking on me?”


Clearly she does not understand or comprehend the utter ridiculousness of the statement she made. Because what she said clearly has fallen on deaf ears all over. Turner is a 26-year-old woman and has officially been criminally charged with retail theft.

The irony of it all is that she attempted to steal earrings that were worth only $12.50. She was previously arrested in different instances on other theft related charges. She has a track record and a history and not one that is good. She has been doing this for a while.

Her arrest is a symbol of where our society is at. There is a large increase in petty crimes as well as violent crime yet the perpetrators do not believe they have done anything wrong. They think it is no big deal because, “everyone else does it.” Moreover, it is a symbol of the entitlement mentality that so many people have. They take, take, take but they never give back. Holding others to the standards they are not capable of holding themselves.

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