Not only is this a race crime, but it should be considered kidnapping, also.

An overweight kid is being beat by a black thug girl in the video. He takes the abuse for a bit, while thug girl tells him they aren’t going to let him off the bus as other thugs watch and record the assault. All of the sudden, the overweight kid has had enough and puts her into a choke hold. You can hear her gasping for breath as another thug attacks the boy.

Via Conservative Tribune:

The boy easily overpowered the girl and put her in a WWE choke hold. Ironically enough, this is when another student stepped in and started punching the boy to try to make him stop.

Eventually, the boy released the bully and politely asked her is she was OK. The girl is quite visibly shaken, and we do not see if she replies to him or not because the video ends there.

Watch the video:

After dispensing some justice on thug girl, he let her go and asked if she was OK. That’s more than I would’ve done! I woulda thrown her face first off the damn bus! Good on the kid for sticking up for himself, and hopefully he takes some self-defense courses so he can unleash an even bigger beat down if he’s ever in the same kind of situation again. BOOM!

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By Jeff Rainforth
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