OK, this is great. Someone fed up with corrupt Democratic Party politics literally dumped a load of sh*t in front of their Ohio headquarters on Saturday.

The manure pile was dumped in the parking lot of the Warren County Democratic Party headquarters in Lebanon, Ohio.

Some might say this is going over the top in terms of “political discourse,” but you have to remember that Hillary’s campaign was caught on video admitting it paid homeless and mentally ill people to start fights at Trump rallies earlier in the year.

Also, there was the much more serious case where a Democratic operative firebombed the Republican Party headquarters in North Carolina in October. Someone could have actually died in that terrorist attack. The most that will happen to Democrats visiting the Warren County Democratic Party headquarters is they come away a little more smelly than usual.

Via Breitbart:

A sheriff’s deputy noticed the pile and notified office leaders of it around 8 a.m. Saturday, the Washington Post reported.

A similar dump happened at the exact same location in 2012, but nobody was caught, the Daily News reported.

Jeff Monroe, chairman of the Warren County Republican Party, said to Cincinnati.com that he nor the GOP had anything to do with the incident and offered to help clean up the manure.

The pile was about 15 to 20 feet wide and 3 feet tall at its highest point. It was so high that it almost covered up a sign on the entrance to the building that said, “smile you’re on camera.” The only word that was visible Saturday morning was “smile.”

Well, I know we’re all smiling as a pile of sh*t is the best way to describe a political party that brought us the likes of crooked Hillary Clinton.

Everyone knows Hillary is full of crap as the latest WikiLeaks email “dumps” (Pun intended), and the FBI reopening the investigation into her dealings clearly show.

Hats off to whoever pulled the hilarious stunt. Democrats can’t complain, either. They firebombed a GOP HQ, and threatened officials with death. At least Republicans have a sense of humor when expressing their feelings about the socialist Democratic Party.

It could have been worse, too. Dem leaders in Lebanon could have had an entire truckload of manure dumped on their cars… while they were in them.


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