Altra Firearms has ticked off liberals and Muslims everywhere with an ad in a Pennsylvania paper that bluntly tells Muslims and Hillary Clinton supporters they are not welcome in the store. Supporters of Barack Obama are not welcome either. Sounds like my kind of store.

I don’t believe there is any such thing as a moderate Muslim… there are just those who do not adhere to the Quran and the Hadiths. 15 to 20% of Muslims worldwide are radicalized and the rest pretty much support them. Why in the world if you owned a gun store would you welcome potential enemies in to buy weapons? Of course, the owner won’t know if they are Muslim unless they tell him. The same goes for those supporting Progressive liberals. But I doubt they are going to go where they are specifically told they aren’t welcome. Besides, guns give them hives.

From Bare Naked Islam:

An advertisement for ALTRA FIREARMS warns potential customers that Muslims and supporters of Hillary Clinton, who are “terrorists” in the store’s parlance, are not welcome. “Please NO Muslims or Hillary Supporters — We do not feel safe selling to terrorists!” Altra Firearms in Jackson Center, Pennsylvania advertised in local papers this week.


TalkingPointsMemo The “Politically Incorrect Firearms” store also invited readers to “Visit our underground bunker and speak with our unique and deplorable sales associates.”
Altra Firearms’ owner Paul Chandler, 54, told TPM Friday that he’s had a sign in front of his store advertising that supporters of President Obama aren’t welcome to come inside, either.


“We did have, in three-foot letters, ‘No radical Muslims,’ but I changed that to ‘No Muslims,’ period,” Chandler said in a phone interview, noting rhetoric from Iranian television motivated the change.


“They’re saying that America is the great Satan and it’s got to be destroyed. They’re basically teaching that if it’s an infidel, either they convert or kill them. And that’s what they’re doing in our country now,” owner Paul Chandler said, comparing the actions of modern Islamic nations to the expansion of Muslim influence into Europe before the Crusades. And he’s spot on. The Caliphate has risen in Europe and we see what is occurring there… rape, murder, crime and intolerance by Muslims against Christians and others.

Chandler has never actually denied service to Muslims or Clinton supporters. However, he did tell one woman with an Obama sticker that the store was closed. Again, I don’t blame him. He also said he’s denied service to one man who told him “I hate niggers, I want a gun.”

“Do you hear any Muslim clerics condemning what is going on today?” he asked. “I haven’t heard one.” Neither have I. CAIR is going to be all over this guy, but he has a right to sell to who he sees fit. If he views someone as a threat, he should not be forced to sell them a gun. Frankly, I like this guy… at least he has the stones to call it the way he sees it.



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