Maurice Warns is a Black Americans organizer who decided to protest against the opening of a Hillary Clinton campaign office. Previously, he organized rallies for activist Pamela Geller and Andrew Marcus who is a filmmaker.

Warns organized a rally outside of the office in Hollywood, Florida with other activists. One of his beliefs is how anti minority and African American the Democratic party really is. Hillary Clinton herself was supposed to appear at the event but she was a no show. Sadly for her only about ten of her supporters appeared at the event.

As one can see from the pictures and videos of the event not only were these people anti Hillary Clinton protestors they were African American anti-Hillary Clinton protestors. In addition to that they were also holding up Donald Trump campaign signs indicating they are Trump supporters! That is certainly a different image than has been portrayed by the liberal mainstream media.


Indicating that perhaps Donald Trump and Mike Pence are doing far better with the African American demographic than has been reported by the media. While the Trump campaign has said this for some time everyone else has just ignored it. But the polls don’t lie and they have been saying this for a while.

Watch here,

Considering the lengths the Democratic party has gone to to keep African Americans as well as other minorities in poverty it is not at all surprising they are protesting. They have finally caught on to the nefarious ways of the modern progressives. Their agenda only works if they are able to routinely oppress people and ensure they remain destitute so that they can prey upon their desire to have a better life for themselves.

Hopefully Hillary Clinton is finally feeling the heat and that is the reason she chose not to show up to her campaign office opening. Or perhaps she was sick again. Either way, it is not a good look for her or her campaign. Especially just a week or so away from her next major general election debate with none other than Donald Trump.

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