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The schlonging continues – and it’s all thanks to Anthony Weiner. While the FBI was probing Weiner for sexts he …Read the Rest

Gun store ENRAGES Liberals and Muslims With Ad In Newspaper Denying Them Service! HILARIOUS!

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LEAKED AUDIO: Hillary Talks About Rigging Election

It’s rigged, folks. We know thanks to the DNC hack that the Democrat Primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders – …Read the Rest

TRUMP will be Our NEXT PRESIDENT! Results Flooding In…

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WikiLeaks: DNC Chair Fed Debate More Questions to Hillary Clinton

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Geraldo Pays BIG For Trying To Smear Donald, He Is A Total Fool

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LOL! TRUCKload Of MANURE Dumped In Front Of Democrat HQ In Ohio

OK, this is great. Someone fed up with corrupt Democratic Party politics literally dumped a load of sh*t in front …Read the Rest

THIS IS RACISM! Black Bully Torments White Teen, Then Her Nappy Head Gets WRECKED! (VIDEO)

Not only is this a race crime, but it should be considered kidnapping, also. An overweight kid is being beat …Read the Rest

Morgan Freeman Just Annihilated Obama And Hillary’s Race Agenda And Black Lives Matter On Live TV!

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This OFFENDED Shoplifter Tells Police: ‘Everyone Steals From This Store. Why Are You Picking on Me?’

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