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Trey Gowdy Traps Hillary With Proof Of 3 Illegal Acts She Did To Hide Her Email Crimes, It’s Over

Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina is a true American hero who is crusading for justice in the Benghazi …Read the Rest

Dolly Parton Goes Public Again, TRASHES Hillary With 6 Brutal Words About Being A Criminal

Dolly Parton is one of America’s great singing and songwriting talents, and until recently was a big Hillary Clinton supporter. …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Fox News Exposes Traitor Megyn Kelly, Kicks Her Out For Backing Hillary

The Kelly File host Megyn Kelly has gotten into a lot of hot water for her many attempts to smear …Read the Rest

VIDEO: Woman’s Tantrum Over Neighbor’s Trump Yard Signs BACKFIRES In Her Face!

What the hell did I just watch? Words are really failing me right now… None of what I want to …Read the Rest

Walmart REFUSED To Make Officers ‘Racist’ Retirement Cake, Wait Till You See How “Racist” It Was!

Man, at this rate I’m going to run out of places to shop. Walmart proved and admitted they have cop-hating …Read the Rest

ALERT: Police Pull Over ‘Islamic Refugee,’ Horrified To See What Was In The Car

This actually happened in June, but is just as pertinent today, especially with 20,000 to 30,000 Syrian refugees due to …Read the Rest

Black Lives Matter Thugs Do The UNTHINKABLE To Girl… Watch What Happens Next (VIDEO)

President Obama and Black Lives Matter have consistently over the past year tried to push the narrative that only black …Read the Rest

SHOCK POLL: The NFL is in SERIOUS Trouble If They Continue Allowing Thugs To Sit During Anthem

The Colin Kaepernick national anthem protest is now expected to have long term consequences. People are taking their outrage to …Read the Rest

San Bernardino Muslim Terrorist’s Family Sues For Money Thats Intended For Victims Families!

Last Christmas 14 innocents were slaughtered at a work party in San Bernardino by jihadist murderers. Then remember how shortly …Read the Rest

Country Boys Drive Through BLM Protesters, Blast THUGS With a NASTY Surprise Right To The FACE (VIDEO)

After a couple years of Black Lives Matter protesters creating havoc across the nation, people are starting to get tired …Read the Rest