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I Knew The Obamas Both Lost Their Law Licenses But I Didn’t Know Why Until I Read This…

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Here’s The Final Proof Keith Lamont Scott Was Holding A Gun Not A Book

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Al Sharpton Told Black Crowd To Kill Cops… He Had No Idea The Camera Was On

For some odd reasons, liberals have held Al Sharpton up as a progressive leader. In truth, he is an instigator …Read the Rest


In the past few months, Shepard Smith has proven to be one of the least popular hosts on Fox News. …Read the Rest

2016 Presidential Debate Live Stream- WATCH NOW!

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WATCH: Black Lives Matter Incite Murderous Chants Against Police “Pig, Pig, Bang, Bang…”

In case it wasn’t clear enough already, Black Lives Matter truly is an anti-police group. We’ve all heard the talking …Read the Rest

Don’t Mess With Sheriff Clarke. Drunk Thug Harasses Sheriff Clarke Over Trump, Pays The Price (VIDEO)

You’d think that someone who hates Sheriff David Clarke would at least bring facts to the table when attempting to …Read the Rest

Somalian Muslims In Minnesota Admit Which Law They Actually Prefer (VIDEO)

As if Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigration didn’t infuriate liberals enough, his plan to stop the Islamization of …Read the Rest

Disloyal GOP Geraldo Tried To Mock Trump In Front Of Eric Bolling, Eric DESTROYED Geraldo, You’ll Cheer

Trump-backing Eric Bolling and secret Hillary supporter Geraldo Rivera have a long history of sparring with each other on The …Read the Rest

Trey Gowdy Rips Hillary A New One After New Information About Deleted Emails Is Exposed

Trey Gowdy has never liked Hillary Clinton, but now he is pissed. Trey Gowdy revealed to Fox News that Hillary …Read the Rest