Look at the dorky kid sitting there by himself. Then look at the two thug students who gang up on him and punch this kid in the back like 900 times before someone steps in.

Guess who steps in and wallops one of the boys with a huge combo attack that would make Muhammad Ali jealous.

Enjoy the video, then we will recap and talk about the kids having bad parents and on their way to their place on that school to prison pipeline.


When politicians talk about the school to prison pipeline and how to fix it, it’s not with school funding or anything like that. It’s called smacking some sh*t into these lousy ghetto parents who don’t know how to raise their kids. They have no discipline at home. Many kids have no father. Many kids live with like seven other siblings or cousins. The degenerate mothers pump out babies like a machine so they don’t have to take their fat lazy self to work like a respectable human. Then they don’t even have the nerve to raise their huge welfare queen family the right way.

But you know these degenerate attacker thugs big fat momma just bought that new iPhone 7 when she traded her food stamps for cash.

You know their momma’s have their hair done on the first of the month.

But there’s this dorky looking white kid sitting on his device, literally with no friends around him, and two loser thugs attack him.

There’s three hots and a cot waiting for these idiots if they don’t get their crap together.

Enjoy bad tattoos and dropped soap.

Prison will love your skinny little backside.

Bubba is waiting for you to mess up, drop out of school because you and your family suck, and go straight to prison without collecting $200 like on Monopoly.

Just because you’re born in a ghetto, that doesn’t mean you need to talk, act, or dress like a ghetto piece of sh*t.

Grow up as*holes.

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