Leftist media scurries to cover up the latest rally blunder by Hillary Clinton which involves a measly crowd in comparison to the numbers drawn by Donald Trump.

Seems like Hillary can rally together a crowd of 600 people while Trump deplores 12,000. How can you run for President of the United States of America and only 600 people come to hear you speak?

This literally makes no sense. Or does it? How many of those 600 people are paid to be there? How can Hillary Clinton lead in any polls or stand any chance to win the seat in the White House when she can’t even attract a crowd big enough to watch a high school basketball game.

You know what’s really sad is that the WNBA might actually get more people than Hillary Clinton. If there was something that no one on this planet should ever watch, then it is certainly women’s basketball. Literally NO ONE cares about it. I can’t believe it takes up precious TV time. But since they might get the same, or more, fans as Hillary Clinton to show up and watch them, then I guess that validates them for TV right?


Young Conservatives – This week, Trump held a monster rally in Florida where 12,000 people showed up and thousands were turned away.

Apparently, there are a lot of people out there not buying the liberal narrative that he lost the debate to Hillary.

Today, Hillary was in Iowa for a rally.

How many people showed up?

About 600.

You didn’t hear much about the attendance from the mainstream media.

Here’s my prediction for Hillary Clinton’s next rally. It will take place in the room full of people who care. She will talk about Benghazi, emails, and the amount of powder used to prevent shine on Lester Holt’s forehead during the debates.


Might also mention the hand signals that she gave Holt, but that’s none of my business.

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