A high school team took a knee during the National Anthem and local law enforcement responded the best way possible – they (in nicer words) told them to go f*ck themselves!

Is this team really bad or something? Did they do this so someone actually knows who they are? Kneeling to protest the National Anthem is old already. We get it. You’re an idiot. Now you’re viral and everyone knows you’re an idiot. Congratulations, here’s your participation award.

Local police had a great response.

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Officers refused to work the detail for the team’s football games, which means at any moment that all hell can break loose. If you haven’t been to a high school football game in a while, or ever, then it should be known that the high schoolers can get pretty rowdy when there’s no supervision to keep them from burning the stadiums down.

High schoolers can’t handle their booze like the college kids, so good luck to this school who thought it was a good idea to protest like a bunch of losers.


If I was the coach, then I  would be so ashamed of these kids that I would suspend every player for the rest of the season and we wouldn’t play anymore. Forget them. If they want to play stupid games and embarrass their school and their team, then they can gladly win stupid prizes.

I would be embarrassed to be the parent of these kids, watching them look like losers to everyone on social media, except other losers. I wouldn’t go to parent teacher conferences anymore because I wouldn’t want to feel the shame of my kid ruining my own reputation of being a stand up citizen rather than a nitwit jack*ss.

Only brainless people protest for dead criminals.


The Federalist Papers – Law enforcement officers in Jefferson Parish were not happy.

“My understanding is, we’ve had some officers that said they will not work the Bonnabel High football games,” Sheriff Newell Normand said, Fox8Live is reporting. “I understand why, in light of Colin Kaepernick’s comments, specifically when he says, ‘Cops are getting paid leave for killing people.’ That’s not right, that’s not right by anyone’s standards. The fact of the matter is we risk our lives each and every day for the safety and security of our constituency throughout this country.”

Some of the officers are making their own voice heard and not signing up to work security detail.

Don’t forget, the cops get paid leave for killing criminals and people who pose a threat to the public. There’s a big difference.

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