Their is nothing better than an Black American person yelling at another Black American person over Black Lives Matter. Especially when one is arguing against Black Lives Matter. Latausha Nedd appeared in court for a criminal proceeding recently. She is a well known militant activist whose pseudonym is Eye Empress Sekhment. She uploaded very strange videos via Youtube where she purposefully threatened violence against police stations as well as cops.

WSB-TV reported that she faced a preliminary criminal hearing this past Thursday at the Clayton County court house in front of Judge Wanda Dallas. Who also happens to be a black American.

The Judge referenced many racist and threatening statements that Nedd made in her vidoes. However, her lawyer attempted to say it was simply a matter of free speech. But the Judge was not at all impressed with that excuse and made the best statement ever! Read here,

“More violence to protest violence gets us nowhere. You show two police officers and say it’s open season on killing cracker cops. (D)oes that fix the problems that we have in this country?”

The Judge argued that Nedd’s videos were specifically used to inflame and incite more racial tensions and violent acts. Which is entirely accurate. Ultimately Judge found that the District Attorney’s office had enough evidence to proceed on four separate criminal charges.

Nedd had supporters outside the courtroom. Despite the police telling them to quiet down politely they screamed profanities constantly and wore disgusting and ratty clothing that looked like they were homeless. Certainly not the sparkling image one would think they want to send to the world or the media, especially given they are at a court house. But then again who needs reason and logic.

Martin Luther King Jr. was not a cop killing, hating, fear mongering, white hating person. Instead he preached peace, love and tolerance. Convincing people to kill cops and attack them via online videos is something he never would have condoned in a million years.

Hopefully Nedd will get the punishment she so richly deserves when she is finally punished and convicted of her crimes.

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