Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has made it very clear that he is not a fan of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. He is surely not alone in that sentiment, but he has been one of the most vocal about it.

This week, following the first debate, O’Reilly criticized Clinton’s performance. He did, however, note that she has something on Donald Trump.

“It’s like sports. You’ve been there before,” O’Reilly commented. “It takes a little bit of the edge off, and so I think she has the advantage. She’s well-versed on policy. She can deal with pretty much any issue you put in front of her, so you’d have to say, handicapping it, she has the advantage.”

But O’Reilly wasn’t too generous.

“The ‘basket of deplorables’ really hurt her because that’s condescending,” he commented. “Speaking down. Americans, even if they don’t like Trump, don’t like that. There’s been so many things about her. She comes off as an ice queen. And again, this is a lot of personality involved in this election, a lot of personality.”

What do you think? Do you agree with O’Reilly that Hillary is an “ice queen”?

Source: American News

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