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3 Thugs Thought They Could Assault This 77 Year Old Grandma… Instantly Learn That Was A Huge Mistake

It’s a sad but true fact that criminals often target the elderly for robberies and other crimes. There is a …Read the Rest

Megyn Kelly Faces Dire Consequences After Going After Trump…

When Megyn Kelly’s ratings started dropping not long after she took on Trump at the 2015 GOP debate, she came …Read the Rest

Shocking: Veteran Commits Suicide In A VA Parking Lot

76-year old U.S. Navy veteran Peter A. Kaisen joined a group of 20 veterans who commit suicide every day. He first …Read the Rest

Black Football Players Have Nasty Surprise For Cops After They Show Up To Help

Looks like Notre Dame has its very own BLM-inspired crime spree going on. Last Saturday, South Bend, Indiana police officers …Read the Rest

HERE IT IS: Assange Points to ‘Tick Tock’ Email as BIGGEST WIKILEAKS RELEASE YET – We’ve Posted It Here…

Even more information has been leaked prior to election day that is proving to be quite damning. This is saying …Read the Rest

Baton Rouge Newspaper RIPS Hillary to SHREDS For Continuing To Ignore Flood Victims; GET OFF YOUR A*S!

You know, if you were running for something… ANYTHING. Wouldn’t you want to please the people who have control on …Read the Rest

‘Black Men for Bernie’ Founder Switches Parties to Campaign for Trump

Well well well how the tables are turning… Black Men for Bernie founder, Bruce Carter, is on a mission. He …Read the Rest

SICK: Thugs Laugh During Their Mugshot After Killing World War II Vet

According to reports, an 88-year-old World War II veteran named Delbert Belton was brutally murdered by two teenagers who attacked …Read the Rest

Liberals Terrified After Seeing Trump’s Poll Numbers Sky Rocketing Within This Group

According to reports, the recent scandal of the DNC email leak is continuing to brew. Polls have shown that Trump …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Doctor Who Questioned Hillary’s Health Just Got Taken Out By Clinton Thugs

According to recent reports, CNN spin-off HLN has announced the cancellation of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s eponymous program. Now, rumors are …Read the Rest