Well here’s the feel good story of the day! I don’t think I’ve ever written on a story like this before…refreshing.

This thug picked the wrong good guys to mess with. The consequences of breaking the law came after him one day and his cocky attitude just made him a laughing stock.

This thug is a drug dealer, and police in this town wanted to show him exactly what happens to people if they decide to break the law. He made the decision to break the law. So…he had it coming!

This particular thug made a living off of ruining others due to addictions and he lives pretty high and might and had benjamins to spend like no other because of it.

So he decided to throw down a BUNCH of them on a super fancy truck. What he didn’t know at the time, was he was going to part with his new toy, and it wasn’t going to be a pretty farewell.

Drug Enforcement caught up to the guy and he got thrown in jail. His truck however, didn’t.

He’s locked up, what is he going to do with a fancy truck, right?

The truck is now in ownership of the Police Department. Now they are driving it around with a hilarious but needed announcement on the back of it.

Who knows, there maybe other thugs who could use the reminder…so good for these officers!

Take a look..


It’s brilliant really. Maybe it will save a few young kats from making the same stupid choices. Especially if they plan on keeping their vehicles.

Hey, when you decide to live the life of a thug, you accept the consequences that come with it. So, there you go.

JUSTICE has been served.

Now let us hope that it serves as a reminder to others, and gives them the opportunity to recognize a chance to live life clean.

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