If you’ve been feeling the gloom and doom of this country spiraling into the gutter because of idiots like Colin Kapernick, attention addicts like Beyonce, and ignorant fools like all other liberals…

Then this video might just give you some peace.

Here’s a young man who understands what is truly happening here. A young man who understands the sacrifices that have been made so we could live in this great country.

He understands that America is not a country of oppression, but a country with all the freedoms we need to succeed by our own merit. Through hard work and dedication.

Where else could a person make millions off of playing a sport, then have the freedom to hack a fat loogie on the country that provided the opportunity to him?

Where else can you say you feel oppressed coming from a well off loving family that provides all the support in the world you could possibly need, and not be hung?

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bare arms and protect all we hold near and dear from a government gone feral or evil men. All these freedoms… and Colin Kapernick says, he’s oppressed.

Does this look like an example of an oppressed man to you?


I do not condone violence…but this washed up Colin guy can go slap himself.

However, THIS young man… He should stick around, and hopefully some of his common sense, integrity, and patriotism will rub off on today’s youth.

You’ll see what I mean… watch this!

This is the kind of upstanding guy that deserves all the good that comes his way. The kind of guy who deserves to be a role model to the children and young adults of our nation. We need more of his type to come forward, and speak up.

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