Since Beyoncé Knowles has once again come under fire for disrespecting American law enforcement, this time during her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

Knowles brought the mothers of four slain black men with her, where they held their deaths up as martyrs. The problem is that two of the men, Michael Brown and Oscar Grant, died in police shootings that have been ruled justified. The third, Eric Garner, died from a health complication while in custody. And the final man, Trayvon Martin, was shot only after he attacked a neighborhood watch volunteer.

These were not innocent men.

“While performing a medley of songs from her hit album, ‘Lemonade,’ the pop megastar was surrounded by back-up dangers dressed as angels,” the UK Daily Mail explained. “However, as red lights flooded the stage, each of the ‘angels’ was shot down during the performance, which viewers said was a representation of police brutality.”

Its interesting that Beyoncé chose not to invite the mother of Walter Scott, a man who was actually unjustifiably shot and killed by police back in 2015.

She also gave no mind to those killed in the shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

The bottom line is that the singer is sending a dangerous message to impressionable youth: law enforcement are enemies, no matter the circumstances.

What do you think of her performance?

Source: American News

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