The blowback from Kaepernick’s ridiculous stunt the other day when he refused to stand for the National Anthem has been pretty severe.

NFL found themselves having to make a statement that cleared their name from his actions.

“Players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the National Anthem.”

Of course this was a smart move on their part since in the past they haven’t made such good choices regarding certain ‘agendas’ they have allowed to be pushed using their name.

*cough* Beyonce Superbowl Show…

(Yes, I’m still a little bitter…she’s horrible)

Anyhow, since Kaepernick pulled his stunt, there has been other famed sportsmen who have shown their patriotism and honor for the National Anthem to show him just what’s up!

In fact the New York Giants, displayed a special tribute to our National Anthem… I’m sure they felt responsible for their fellow NFL player and wanted to make up for his ‘stupid’. It was epic, did you see it?

Here… just for you!

However, my favorite show of patriotism thus far would be the words of famed actor and conservative, James Woods.

“Kaepernick doesn’t stand for the national anthem, Rams players can walk onto the field with their hands up for the ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ and other players can wear t-shirts saying, ‘I can’t breathe.’ But the Dallas Cowboys can’t put a sticker on their helmets for the 5 police officers who were killed. Way to go NFL…”

Isn’t that sickening? Under Obama’s rule our nation has become a nation of chaos. The line between right and wrong, good and evil is being blurred by a term that Obama has made the theme for destruction..


I hate that word. Tolerance is just another word for ‘LAZY’. Too lazy to stand up for what is right, too lazy to choose the right, and too lazy to be responsible for your own actions.

That’s what tolerance really means.

When did Police become the criminals, and when the HELL did criminals become the victim? Men think they are women, women think they are men, and schools are now telling parents they cannot classify what sex their child is, until the CHILD DECIDES what they want to be.

I’m sorry, but I’m not falling for this crap. There has always been, and will always be right from wrong. Becoming tolerant to everything, just because people might be offended is a joke.

A joke that Obama and those of his kind before him have been playing Americans with for years to get to the point we are today.

Who knew, that this day would come, when the NFL would say no to honoring our fallen heroes on the football field, and yes to dishonoring our heroes on the battlefield?

Open your eyes America, we are right now heading into Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0.

…the time is now to be the Americans that made this land, the land of the brave.

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