Before I start my rant about Beyoncé let’s get some facts out there.

Black Lives Matter campaign has little to with the lives of black people and more to do with a small group of really really dumb people (some are black) who want to create power for themselves by stirring up a false hatred to build a movement. Let’s look at the statistics of crime perpetuated against black people in America from Federal Crime Reports and statistics put our by the Department of Justice:

2013 U.S. population is 316,128,839 persons, here are annual percentages:
⦁ 0.012% of the U.S. population committed suicide
⦁ 0.011% of the U.S. population died in a vehicle crash
⦁ 0.004% of the U.S. population died in a criminal homicide
⦁ 0.00012% of the U.S. population died from police use of force
⦁ 0.00012% of the U.S. population was struck by lightning

Of the 1,491 persons that died from police use of force from 2009-2012:
⦁ 915 (61.4%) were white males
⦁ 481 (32.2%) were black males
⦁ 48 (3.2%) were males of other races
⦁ 28 (1.9%) were white females
⦁ 15 (1.1%) were black females
⦁ 4 (0.2%) were females of other races

⦁While only 6% of the U.S. population is identified as black and male, 57.9% of the persons legally killed by a private citizen in self-defense were black males.
⦁ However, 73.1% of the black males legally killed by a citizen in self-defense between 2009-2012 were killed by a black citizen.
⦁ 42.6% of victims of all solved criminal homicides from 2009-2012 were black males
⦁ 89.6% of black males killed in criminal homicides from 2009-2012 were killed by another black male
⦁ 40.6% of the police officers murdered in the line of duty from 2009-2012 were killed by black males*
⦁ In spite of these statistics, only 32.2% of the deaths from police use of force from 2009-2012 involved black males

(REMINDER HERE: While black males are disproportionately involved in violent crime, most people killed by police use of force (67.8%) are NOT black males.)

Now that you understand that black males represent only 6% of the population and kill 41% of police officers murdered in the line of duty. While 32% of deaths from police force involving black males, 43% of criminal homicides were from black males (who make up less than 6% of the general population). Beyoncé decided to parade the moms of criminals who were killed by police officers around the MTV VMA’s. They are called the ‘mothers of Black Lives Matter’… definitely NOT something to be proud of.

Anyway, Beyoncé paraded them around like some tool to use their son’s deaths to foster more racial prejudice and hate for white people and any police officers. THEN Beyoncé performs a protest song surrounded by backup dancers dressed as angels (representing the thugs getting shot I suppose). These ‘angels’ throughout the song are ‘shot down’ on stage and then a red flood light covers them representing the blood shed by ‘police brutality’.

I would like to point out that Beyoncé did not ONCE mention the brutality spreading among black communities as 89.6% of black males are killed in criminal homicides from 2009-2012 were killed by another black male. Nope she didn’t mention that black people are killing off black people, making their neighborhoods unsafe for residents, making those areas unsafe for police officers AND raising the likelihood that they will experience reprimand when committing a crime.

Beyoncé and Black Lives Matters needs to look at the facts and stop creating a fairytale that is only destined to tear this nation apart. We ARE One Nation Under God. Every American should start standing up and speaking out against criminal acts… even if the criminal was a sweet sweet angel boy robbing a convenience store.

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