People are now demanding to know why the Greenville County School District in South Carolina is banning students from bringing the American flag to a high school football game between the Travelers Rest and Berea high schools. The school district is standing pat and not budging on banning American flags at football games. Now, parents, students and Americans in general are boiling mad over it.

Lou Lavely, who is the principal of Travelers Rest High School, issued a statement on the banning of flags at football games. He claims the flag had been used in the past to taunt Berea High School students. The reason for this is that there is a large number of Hispanic students at Berea.

“The flag has been used in the past to taunt Berea students and community that has led to confrontation. Student safety (and in the case of a football game, safety of all attending) is our primary concern. It is the responsibility of the school to provide the safest environment possible and no object, sign, chants by students, etc. would be permitted if they compromise safety,” stated Lavely, who later added that “using the American flag as a method to taunt or some way degrade another school is disrespectful to the American flag in itself.”

From WNCN, via EAG News:

The principal of Travelers Rest High School released a statement Saturday afternoon after complaints on social media after a students were not allowed to bring American flags to a football game Friday night.

Saturday evening Greenville County Schools released a statement saying the district “encourages and supports the appropriate display of the United States Flag in accord with the United States Flag Code.”

The statement went on to say that the district, “[does] not condone the use of the Flag to shield unsportsmanlike or inappropriate conduct.”

Read the full statement below.

Several social media posts state that students were denied entry to the Travelers Rest/Berea football game because they were trying to bring Americans flags inside the stadium.

These administrators may be using the convenient excuse that they are actually protecting the flag and keeping the peace… but I’m not buying it. Any excuse will do when you are a Progressive liberal and this one is tailor-made for getting rid of the flag as we have seen play out in a number of other schools as of late.

Since when is the American flag ‘offensive’ if you are an American citizen? If they are illegals and find the flag offensive, well… they should go back where they came from. Just sayin’. If you are anti-American, don’t let the red, white and blue door hit you in the ass on the way out.

While these people are trying so hard not to offend Hispanics, they are offending actual Americans. Stop it.


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