Just a week ago, Milwaukee became the latest city to erupt in violence fueled by rage toward white people and law enforcement along with, quite likely, some usual suspects of outside agitators, when an officer (who, by the way, is black) shot and killed a black suspect.

Oh, and that suspect was armed. Think that rioters would gloss over any excuse to riot? Of course not. It’s been over a week, and the city is still burning. A number of businesses have been burned to the ground, with the rioters attempting (and failing) to target only white-owned businesses. Additionally, most journalists have fled the city, as white people were targeted for attack. There’s video footage of protestors complaining about how they don’t want to have to live with white people, footage showing them singling white people for assault, and chanting “black power” as a white-owned gas station was burned to the ground.

The family of the man shot who sparked the riots, Sylville Smith, isn’t much better. His sister stated, with television cameras rolling, “Burning down s**t ain’t gonna help nothin’!” she yelled, referring to the rioting that ended with six businesses being burned down and the summoning of the National Guard. “You’re burning down s**t we need in our community. Take that s**t to the suburbs! Burn that s**t down!”

In other words: don’t burn down our community for no reason, burn down someone elses community for no reason!

One of the best responses I’ve seen so far regarding the riots comes from a black youtuber who goes by the screenname That Guy T. He’s ranted on the BLM movement a number of times, and always hits the nail on the head. It’s important to remember that most black people don’t support the insanity that is the “Black Lives Matter” movement (in fact, the vast majority prefer the phrase “all lives matter.”

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