Well, President Obama may have just officially taking things too far. According to a recent report, he just signed Executive Order 13738, revoking the federal government’s official recognition of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The report claims that the new order, it is illegal for any federally funded agency to display the pledge or for any federal employee to recite it.

“The pledge excludes so many Americans who are vital to making this country what it is,” Obama said, telling reporters that the inclusion of “Under God” is particularly troublesome.

Hillary Clinton is also reportedly in support of the measure, stating that when she takes office she will do her best “to uphold this new law and ensure that it stays in effect.”

The Pledge Allegiance has been a source of conflict for some time now, with many liberals pushing for schools to stop forcing children to participate in its recitation. Conservatives have long defended the allegiance, which teaches honor, respect for our country, and unity.

What do you think of this new order? If this is true, has Obama pushed things way too far?

Source: American News

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