The inner civil strife and military turmoil in Turkey has been getting progressively worse over the last few weeks. Now, thousands of Turkish military forces have surrounded the United States military located at Incirlik Airbase. They are blocking the exit and access to it.

Law enforcement officials have decided to close all entrances and exits for fear of a second government coup.

Erdogan has placed blame on members of the Turkish Air Force who were involved in the coup despite their close ties and friendship with NATO members. Erode an also accused the United States of having a part in the coup even going so far as the blame the previous commander of the military base.

Regardless of the fact he retired in March and thus couldn’t have had any influence. A Erdogan Islamist paper specifically blamed him which inflamed the problem with NATO and the United States. The paper said that ‘protesters’ were there on Thursday chanting and yelling things such as “death to the US.”

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Immediate closure of the Incirlik base has been called for.

News reports indicate there is protesting outside the American consulate in Adana. This is just thirteen minutes from the Incirlik airbase. It is very close. People can be heard chanting, “America go away!”


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The Turkish minister has called it a security check. But the uproar seems to be quite a lot for a simple security check. Let’s just hope the situation down rage doesn’t deteriorate to the point that their is another situation similar to Benghazi. Under the Obama administration that would be a death sentence to Americans abroad in Turkey.

Scarily, many have chanted Allahu Akbar. A famous phrase used by Islamic terrorists before committing acts of violence.

Let’s all continue to pray for Americans in Turkey right now. For their health, their safety, and their families.

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