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BlackLivesMatter Hits Police Officer With Brick During March, Where’s Al Sharpton Now?

According to recent reports, a Charleston police officer was injured after being hit in the chest with a “brick-like material.” …Read the Rest

BREAKING: DNC Broke Federal Law At Convention: Violation Of Section 8 U.S. Code § 1324

The DNC aided and abetted two illegal aliens on Monday night during the nationally televised DNC Convention 2016 in Philadelphia. …Read the Rest

Democrats Are PISSED! Lifelong Dem Says She’d Vote For Trump After Wasserman Stunt (VIDEO)

While Republicans have rallied behind Donald Trump, many Democrats aren’t rallying to Hillary Clinton. Most Republicans were against Donald Trump …Read the Rest

Racist Black Thug Threatened White Cops, So The Judicial System Made a BRUTAL Example of Him!

He needs to be thrown in prison for the rest of his pathetic life. I’m tired of this anti-cop bigotry …Read the Rest

Attorney Refuses To Remove Her Offensive BLM Pin, Has No Idea What Judge Is About to Do

Good! I’m glad this attorney was removed for wearing a terrorist symbol. Why in the hell would you wear that …Read the Rest

DNC Exposed For Using ANTI-GAY Slurs In Wikileaks Email Bust!

Does this really surprise anyone? It doesn’t for me. We all know how racist and homophobic Democrats really are. They …Read the Rest

“F*CK YOU, PAY ME!” BLM Organizer Demands That Whites Pay Slave Reparations

According to Black Lives Matter organizer Ashleigh Shackelford, white people are simply not welcome at BLM rallies. Instead, she argues, …Read the Rest

Donald Trump Just Announced What He’s Going To Do To Obama’s Staff… They’re Trembling

Republican nominee Donald Trump has made it clear that he has big plans for American when he becomes president. And …Read the Rest

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Donated 2 Mil To Support Police, So BlackLivesMatter Responds With THIS

While many celebrities have stay quiet, Michael Jordan has just come forward to show his support for our police officers. …Read the Rest

LEAKED: Black Lives Matter Leader Calls For Protestors To Run Over And Shoot Police [VIDEO]

This weekend the call for violence against police officers escalated further when a Black Lives Matter leader at a rally …Read the Rest