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The  Inclinations of  Islam The  Inclinations of  Islam As I have said over and over and over which seems infinitely, the Muslim …Read the Rest

Sheriff Clark GOES OFF On DNC Thugs, Theme Tonight is ‘Compassion For Criminals’

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WATCH What Happens When BROKE Black Thugs Begging For Money Are Told ‘No’

So..if Obama had 2 sons. This is despicable. Welcome to the new fundamentally transformed America. This is the type of …Read the Rest

Black Lives Thugs DESTROY Little Girls Police Lemonade Stand—TEXAS Cops Response is AMAZING!

It seems nothing matters to the black lives matter. What matters to them is an agenda. They could careless about …Read the Rest

No American Flag At DNC, But The Flag They Raised Instead Will Make Your FURIOUS

At the Republican National Convention, we saw an incredibly display of pride for and concern about America. In contrast, the …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Manhattan On Lock Down… God Help Us

According to reports, midtown Manhattan was put on lockdown this past week after a man threw a suspicious package into …Read the Rest

Army Soldiers Brutally Attacked By BlackLivesMatter Thugs In Texas… No Media Outrage

According to reports, two military vets were jumped last week by Black Lives Matter protesters. They are lucky to have …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes Heartbreaking Announcement… Supporters Shocked

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is one of the most successful businessmen of all time. Liberals have accused Trump of …Read the Rest

HILARIOUS Anti-Hillary Sign Flies Above The Crowd Below

Even the Democrats don’t want Hillary Clinton as President. With nearly 70% of Americans viewing her as untrustworthy, this may …Read the Rest

CNN Reporter Unloads on Hillary’s Lies, Then CNN Pulls The Plug on LIVE Show (VIDEO)

Isn’t it convenient on many of these media outlets that when a reporter or journalist starts saying something the powers-that-be …Read the Rest