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Thug Devon Martes was minding his own business, stealing tires off cars, rolling them down a street in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. That’s when the cops got called.

Devon Martes, 17, was shot dead by police after he pointed a gun at an officer when he broke into a warehouse (Daily Mail)
Devon Martes, 17, was shot dead by police after he pointed a gun at an officer when he broke into a warehouse (Daily Mail)

When Sheriffs deputies arrived, Martes ran. A deputy took chase. The chase ended when the officer cornered Martes in a newspaper warehouse.


Martes was armed. Being cornered, he raised his weapon to fire at the deputy. The deputy, fearing for his life, unloaded on the thug. Let’s just say Martes had the worst day of his life because of that decision.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand told WDSU News, “Devon Martes pulled the trigger on a gun and tried to kill one of my officers. But for the fact that the gun malfunctioned, I might have a dead officer.”

Surveillance video from the warehouse shows the moment Martes pointed the gun at the deputy, and the moment he was killed.

Martes’ dad told WDSU that he doesn’t blame the deputy for shooting his son,

“Martes’ father, Glen Parker, spoke with WDSU off camera. He said he knows that his son was wrong, and he does not blame the deputy for what he did because his life was in danger.”

Sheriff Normand was grateful for Martes’ Father’s response, saying, “I appreciate that statement. It’s one of the most honest statements that I’ve heard in a long, long time. “It’s probably a very tough statement for that father to say that because he lost his son.”

Martes’ father gets it. He believes in individual responsibility. Sad that he had to lose his son, but his son paid the price for making the wrong decision. The decision to try to kill a cop.

Hopefully Martes’ father will become an activist, training the next generation of African-American youth to make the RIGHT decisions. The decisions to assimilate, to respect authority, and to become positive examples for all those around them.

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