Some argue that the general rules of society that apply to everyone are racist because of the disproportionate effect it has on African-American people. Apparently that means the criminal justice system is racist because more African-Americans commit crimes than whites. Now, a high school dress code in Kentucky is being labeled racist because, despite the fact it applies to all students, a woman says since her daughter hasn’t complied, it’s racist. That doesn’t even make sense!

WDRB has reported the dress code of Butler High School of Louisville, Kentucky has now come under fire and attack for being racist. The person who’s labeling it racist is Attica Scott. She’s a democratic candidate who’s running unopposed for the state legislate seat. Her daughter is Ashanti. Her daughter was told her hair doesn’t comply with the mandated dress code.

WDRB said,

The policy bans hairstyles often worn by African Americans like corn rows, twists, dreadlocks, afros longer than two inches and braids on young men. Butler High School has temporarily suspended a controversial dress code policy that banned hairstyles often worn by African Americans, such as corn rows, twists, dreadlocks, afros longer than two inches and braids on young men. The decision came down a meeting of the site-based council at Butler High School Friday afternoon.”

However, it also banned Mohawks and unnatural hair colors. Which white people are restricted from doing too. So it’s not just black people. If anything it’s discriminatory towards goths, punks, and metal heads. Not black people. Some could argue the Amish and Jewish people are targeted since full beards are banned.

It does seem rather strange their need to make all of these restrictions. Is there anything these kids can do?! Regardless, it’s not racist. It targets everyone. Ashanti, Attica’s daughter, falls into one of the categories and her hair was banned.

What you do with your hair to me, has nothing to do with you ability to learn as a student. The last thing that we need to be doing is saying, ‘you can’t be you, you can’t express your culture, you can’t express your heritage,’ We want you to be like your white teachers and the white administration that we have at this school and your white classmates who have not had the same life experience as you,” continued Scott.

She went on,

Why would my response be to tuck tail and run? Why would my response be to leave other parents and other kids to leave this, quite frankly, racist policy? I’m not going to do it, and no other person should have to do it. It’s about policing our kids’ hair. I don’t want our kids’ hair to be policed. They’re already policed enough.” finished Scott.

They’re not reckoning with crazy.




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