Islam and fredom1

This family has sacrificed much for freedom.  When I was young, I often could conceptualize the idea that freedom is not free. It calls on everyone to lay allegiance to the freedom. The United States my mother country embodies the idea of that freedom like no other. I am trying to lay witness to the fact that freedom and country and the United States work in unison to bring about the American life Americans love. However, let’s be clear whether we are Christian, Muslim, or any other belief is immaterial to the safety concerns of the United States. Safety is not implicit with any religion. It is however implicit in the continuation and the security of the United States. The fact is, no other religion is jeopardizing inherently in its creed and in the action  of Islam the terror that Islam has  perpetrated . Islam  has a history of  in the United States most recent precedents set. In other words, it is not the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Jews, or any other group that invokes world domination, or sharia law. So then, the Muslim people have to take responsibility to revoke sharia law before they should ever be admitted to the United States. Muslims continually lay the most serious threat to Western civilization with the possible exception of nuclear war. So then, even more so than we quarantined the Japanese should we look to concerning ourselves with any and all possibilities with the Muslim population to ensure that the safety of our freedom is paramount? If we need to shut down the mosques because of their terrorist rhetoric jeopardizing our freedom so let it be done. If we need to quarantine Muslims or revoke their citizenship because of possible treasonous actions, so be it. Again, we need to look at the safety of our country before any embodiment of any belief system. The Constitution is to be protected and the safety of the United States runs and lives in tandem with the Constitution. As the Islamic faith continues to want to kill us as evidenced by decrees coming from Iran, the United States cannot look to Islam in the greater concept and environment of the world as benevolent or our friend. Whether they want to kill us, the Jews or any other infidel expels any possibility of friendship. How can you be a friend when someone wants to kill you? So then, the safety of the United States and indirectly of the world is paramount.

This Muslim man deserves all our compassion. However, his mixing religion with political safety is erroneous. 
The  Use and Manipulation Of Mr.  Khan Family’s Grief By The DNC 
Legitimate, just government to carry out two main functions: 
(1) Protecting free people from foreign enemies and invaders; 
(2) Protecting honest, self-responsible, hard-working citizens within the nation from Domestic lawbreakers 

So, as we think about our most recent history and engagements with Islam and jihad these memories are recalled. The terror attacks of 9/11. The San Bernardino onslaught by invaders from Saudi Arabia. The murderers in the Orlando nightclub. Additionally, Islamic terror invoked on the rest of the world. For example, the massacres in France and the Christian genocide in the Middle East. Islam has a history from the 1400s of terror torture murder pedophilia all vying for sharia law. So when Khan gets self-righteous about the death of his son the concentration and the attention is misappropriated. True enough this family has suffered and deserves compassion. However, fighting and dying for the United States is not unique to any religion. Christians have died, Jews have died, along with other denominations and even secularists. Furthermore, Khan asked what Trump had sacrificed. This is kind of misleading. For if the litmus test for patriotism is given by what Khan and his godlike judgment has insinuated, then 96% of the United States would fall into the category of his rhetoric. This is because most people do not die in the service of the country. As a matter of fact, proportionally very few people go into the service or services such as the Army Navy and Marines. Does this mean that the 96% of the United States cannot discuss what we see and know in relationship to the United States and Islamic terror? The whole idea is ridiculous. This no doubt was a stupid manifestation of the Democratic Party trying to make a self aggrandizement at the expense of Mr. Khan’s grief, Furthermore, the killing and dying for the US is not a religious invocation but a call and responsibility of all United States citizens.



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