Angela Merkel owes her countrymen an apology—and her resignation. In the wake of four terrorist attacks in the space of a week, all of which were perpetrated by Muslims and three of which were committed by refugees, she should have the courage to admit that she was wrong and that her error has gotten people killed. But that won’t happen.

For those who missed Germany’s week of unspeakable carnage, let’s take a moment to recap. On July 18th, a 17-year old Afghan refugee went on a hacking spree using an ax and a knife onboard a train near Wurzburg. Three people were seriously injured. He was reported to have screamed “Allahu Akbar” as he slashed through human flesh. On July 22nd, a man possessing Iranian and German citizenships went on a shooting spree in Munich, killing nine and wounding 35. When a memorial was held a few days later to honor the victims, Islamists crashed the scene to shout “Allahu Akbar.” On July 24th, a Syrian asylum seeker hacked a pregnant woman to death with a machete and wounded two others in Reutlingen. That same day, a Syrian man killed himself in a suicide bombing in Ansbach, wounding 15 people. In a video recorded before the bombing he pledged his allegiance to ISIS and called it “an act of revenge against Germans, because they obstruct Islam.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Last December 30th, Chancellor Merkel delivered a New Year’s address in which she discussed the arrival of over a million refugees to Germany in 2015. She spouted the Pollyannaish nonsense that refugees represent an “opportunity for tomorrow”—whatever that means. Exactly which opportunities Germans will miss out on if they don’t accept millions of third world savages who hate them is unclear. The chance to be hacked to death, perhaps?

The very next day, a misogynist mob struck Cologne and other cities, taking advantage of the New Year’s Eve revelry to prey upon vulnerable women. Creepy men speaking foreign tongues tore at their clothes, stole their valuables, and in a few cases, forcibly raped them. That same night, two train stations in Munich were evacuated when intelligence reports warned of an imminent suicide attack.

Hate to say I told you so, Frau Merkel, but I told you so. A lot of other people told you so too, including Horst Seehofer, Minister President of Bavaria, the federal state most impacted by the refugee crisis. “All our predictions have been proven right,” said Seehofer. “Islamist terrorism has arrived in Germany.”

The tragedy of all this violence is its predictability. Everyone knows that the third world is a dangerous and violent place but some people are unwilling to admit that it’s the people who make it that way. It is literally impossible to import masses of people from a place like Syria and not import their problematic culture along with them.

Supporters of the asylum policy have long labored under the flawed assumption that people fleeing ISIS must necessarily loathe the organization and everything it stands for. Not necessarily. A November 2015 study from the Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies found that ISIS has at least a few admirers among the Syrian refugee population. Four percent of Syrian refugee expressed a positive view of ISIS and an additional 9% said that their view was “positive to some extent.” Six percent were undecided or refused to answer.

‘That’s just a few bad apples,’ they would argue. ‘The vast majority are peaceful.’ It should be noted here that respondents weren’t asked what they think of Sharia law, or whether they believe unbelievers should be forced to lives as dhimmis—second class citizens. They weren’t asked whether women who wear “revealing” clothing—by Middle Eastern standards, that is—should be taught some modesty with a little sexual assault. They weren’t ask if they can tolerate other people’s enjoyment of pork or alcohol. In other words, an ISIS sympathy test isn’t an effective filter to remove the bad elements.

But even if we assume for a moment that the 87% of respondents who did not express admiration for ISIS are all good westernized liberals, the remaining “bad apples” are still an enormous bloc in real numbers. Approximately 1.1 million refugees arrived in Germany in 2015, and 220,000 thus far in 2016. If “only” 13% of those refugees support ISIS, that’s still about 170,000 people. Those are on top of the radical Muslims who already lived in Germany before 2015 of which there many.

Yet Angela Merkel is prepared to plow ahead with this insane refugee policy, dooming future generations of Germans to minority group status in their own country. She doesn’t care, she’s childless.

To understand the mindset of the pro-asylum crowd you have to see this issue through their eyes. They understand that Europe, particularly Germany, was infected in the relatively recent past with virulent racism and violence. Since the end of World War II, Europeans have managed to behave themselves reasonably well—the Balkan wars notwithstanding. They’ve put down their rifles and their flags and decided to be really, really nice. Asylum supporters fear that slamming the door shut to immigration would signal the collapse of Europe’s post-war ethos of tolerance and openness. That threatening possibility is, in their estimation, a far greater danger than a flood of refugees.

In the wake of these attacks, Chancellor Angela Merkel argued that the assailants “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.” Let me translate that for you: If we don’t let more of these people in, the terrorists win! Yeah, barf. There’s no indication that the attackers intended to goad Europeans into stemming the immigrant flow. There’s plenty of evidence that at least two of them considered themselves to be soldiers of Allah; why wouldn’t they want reinforcements?

Yet the attitude persists that any attempt to change course is a capitulation to our worst instincts. The New York Times’ central Europe correspondent Alison Smale expressed this angst quite succinctly last September when she wrote an abominable piece entitled “Rise of Austrian Right Lengthens Shadow of Nazi Era” which is not, as far as I can tell, an editorial. “As befits the city of Sigmund Freud, Vienna has two faces — one sweet, one sinister,” she wrote. “Behind the schnitzel and strudel, Mozart and the opera, lurks the legacy of the Nazis who forced Jews to clean sidewalks with toothbrushes…Now, to the astonishment of many and the alarm of some, the burning question in Vienna’s elegant cafes is, Which face will prevail in the city’s bellwether elections on Oct. 11?”

Outrageous! As if Muslims will be forced to clean the streets with toothbrushes if Austria decides not to be a dumping ground for the world’s most dysfunctional populations. She paints a picture of Austria—and presumably the rest of Europe—at a crossroads. Will Europeans choose openness and tolerance, or will they be seduced by the dark forces of hate? She fears it will be the latter.

Ms. Smale is quite right that Europe is standing at a crossroads. If it doesn’t do something about immigration it will undergo profound and irreversible societal changes. Indeed, this process is already underway, with many European nations jettisoning hallowed values such as free speech in an attempt to assuage angry Muslims. What Smale fails to grasp is that when openness and tolerance encounter militant Islam in a dark alley, openness and tolerance get their butts kicked.

Europe must choose its path, for sure, because it cannot be Islamified and still be nice. Though it’s difficult to imagine modern Austrians forcing Jews to clean the streets of Vienna with toothbrushes, I can certainly imagine Muslim immigrants doing exactly that.

The pro-asylum faction’s stubborn attitude that they are the defenders of decency has proven difficult to counter. In their own minds they’re Mother Theresa and we’re Hitler. They build bridges, we build walls. They leave the welcome mat on the front step for their neighbors, we’re the cranky old guys shouting “Get off my lawn!”

What remains to be seen is if they are capable of learning their lesson. When a once peaceful country like Germany suffers a mass shooting, a suicide bombing, and two hacking attacks in the space of a week, it stands to reason that European ideals are deteriorating. Yes, we’re seeing the reemergence of an ugly Europe, embroiled in hate in violence—but the blame can’t be laid at the feet of those of us who oppose Islamification. We were the ones screaming from the rooftops, warning others to do something to avoid this very outcome.

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