Donald Trump minced no words after the killing of 3 police officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday. The presumptive Republican nominee took to social media and placed blame for the murders squarely on Obama’s head, writing that the officers died because of lack of leadership.

Trump posted to Twitter that America is divided, and that while we try to fight ISIS terrorism, certain Americans are killing our own police.

Head Of Cleveland Police Union: OBAMA Killed Baton Rouge Cops, ‘Blood On HIS Hands’ – VIDEO

Just last year FBI Director James Comey said that ISIS was operating in all 50 states. Something to ponder is, did ISIS reach those thugs who targeted and killed cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Hillary Clinton, of course, is trying out reach to one of her core constituencies, Black Lives Matter. Apparently it doesn’t matter to her that they’ve openly called for the killing of police with chants like “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” The head of Cleveland’s police union even said Black Lives Matter is responsible for the recent wave of cop killings, along with Obama. Doesn’t matter to Hillary, though.

SICK! Black Lives Matter Celebrates The MURDER Of 3 Baton Rouge Police Officers— Obama Smiles

There have been 30 cops killed so far this year, compared to 14 in all of 2015.

If Clinton is elected, expect that trend to continue as she will do nothing to reign in her domestic terror supporters.

Do you believe Blue Lives Matter? If so, I’d suggest placing a check mark next to Trump in November.

Your vote could very well save a cop’s life. Actually, probably a lot of them.

By Jeff Rainforth
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