Michelle Obama has spent an embarrassing amount of time and resources attempting to get young people off the couch, in an effort to fight childhood obesity. Now, new information proves just how wasted her time in the White House truly is.

According to a new study, in 1999-2000, 27.5 percent of all youths between 2 and 19 were considered overweight. That number increase to 31.8 percent in the 2011-2012 study and 33.2 percent in the 2013-2014 results.

As if that weren’t enough, since Pokemon GO has gone viral, it has gotten more kids of the couch in just days than Michelle has in seven years.

“Unlike the traditional Pokemon games consigned to Game Boy, DS or 3DS, the Pokemon GO game links into the GPS and mapping abilities of your smartphone and puts Pokemon in your world,” Larry O’Connor wrote. “Wherever you are.”

O’Connor then went on to detail how his 11 year old son was inspired by the game to take a three mile walk.

“A 3 mile walk has been inspired not by a government program. Not by congressional fiat. Not by Dear Leader’s command,” O’Connor concluded. “Not by a PE teacher or even by the cajoling of a concerned parent. No. My son was inspired to walk 3 miles because he wanted to do it so he could complete a task in a game that he wanted to win.”

What do you think of these shocking new results? Is Michelle Obama a total embarrassment?

Source: American News

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