During this heightened timed of violence in the United States security worries are at an all-time high. Especially violence against American citizens and police officers. A man from Georgia was recently arrested when he posted comments on his social media pages that people should take arms to kills white cops.

He is 19-year old Derek “De De” Hudson from Roosevelt Avenue in Macon, Georgia. He allegedly wrote, “Just kill all white cracker cops LLH” on the Facebook page of TV station WGXA this past Wednesday afternoon. He was eventually arrested and charged with “soliciting people to commit murder.”

Hudson’s comments were castigated and admonished. Many were linked to a story of Alton Sterling’s son giving a speech to the media about his father’s death at the hand of police officers calling for peaceful protests and non violence.

Bibb County Sheriff’s Sergeant apparently took screen shots of Hudson’s threats, reported Macon.com. Hours after posting the comments he was booked into the county jail. Nice to know they’re keeping the riff raff off the streets in Georgia. Being proactive is the best way to go in this dangerous time. The best defense is the best offense.

The warrant stated that his comments,

“Constituted murdering law enforcement officers both locally and abroad by reaching out to the public on a social platform in a matter that requests, commands and importunes another person.”

It’s unknown if he was released on bail of bond. Unfortunately, this comes right after several officers were murdered in Baton Rouge. This certainly is a precarious time for law enforcement officers. They are being targeted just because of the uniform they wear.

If Black Lives Matter so much, those members should be cognizant to remember that Blue Lives Matter, too. But that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative so you won’t hear it.

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