If you’ve never seen any of Arab-American Saad Salman’s videos, you’re definitely missing out. This guy is a certified, pro-America badass.

Saad Salman, also known as “American Infidel SS,” was raised to follow the Koran. He rebelled, though, and began speaking out against it.

Salman tells how he has been attacked by Islamists for exposing the truth about what the Koran teaches.

Salman goes on to say that those who are attacking Trump are doing so because they are freeloaders, sucking from the government teet.

Finally, he iterates why he supports our troops, will never vote for Hillary, and tells everyone to vote for Trump.

Watch his latest video here:

If more Muslims like Salman spoke out, there’d be a whole lot less terrorism in the world. Let’s hope some of them come to see the light & join him in the fight against radical Islam… And vote for Trump.

By Jeff Rainforth
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