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Rules That Apply To Everyone Are Racist Says One Black Mom

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Thug Teen Tried To Kill Louisiana Cops, But Instead Got Smoked By The Police—Father Doesn’t Blame Cops

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Michelle Obama Just Gave The Most Racist Speech In The History Of First Ladies

Michelle Obama delivered what democrats have deemed a “very powerful” speech at the Democratic National Convention last week. During her …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Legendary Hollywood Actor Dies Suddenly… Fans Calling For Prayers

According to reports, conservative talk show host and actor Jerry Doyle was found dead at his Las Vegas home on …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Rocked By Major Arrest – New Scandal Returns To Haunt Hillary

It appears that the skeletons are never going to stop falling out of Hillary Clinton’s closet. This week, yet another …Read the Rest

Hillary Voting Hoodlum Attacks Bikini Clad Patriot – Has No Idea She’s A Cop [VIDEO]

When one thug came across a group of bikini-clad women sunbathing in the park, he made the unfortunate assumption that …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Court Makes MASSIVE Ruling That Could Change The Entire Election

According to reports, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals just appeased President Barack Obama in the most disgusting way, making …Read the Rest

WATCH: Dems Horrified When Giuliani Reveals On Live TV Who Kicked Cops Off DNC Floor

Is the Democrat Party trying to become the anti-cop party? It’s needless to say that groups like Black Lives Matter …Read the Rest

Europe Suffers The Predictable Effects Of Its Insane Immigration Policy

Angela Merkel owes her countrymen an apology—and her resignation. In the wake of four terrorist attacks in the space of …Read the Rest

Islam  and Freedom Mutually  Exclusive

This family has sacrificed much for freedom.  When I was young, I often could conceptualize the idea that freedom is …Read the Rest