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Pool Owner Fed Up With Muslim Predators, Takes Trump’s Advice— Liberals Cry Racism

Trump’s advice should always be taken in matters like this. If there are no Muslim immigrants, there will be no …Read the Rest

WATCH: Eric Trump Rips Hillary A New One On Live TV… She’s Left Speechless

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BREAKING: Biblical Prophecy Just Came To Pass In Terrible Way

More than two millennium ago, the Bible prophesized the following: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will …Read the Rest

Obama Just Disrespected Our Troops In The Worst Way Possible

Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has become known for taking selfies with his loyal supporters. That’s why it was …Read the Rest

Obama Wouldn’t Secure Our Borders, So God Did THIS… WOW

According to some remarkable new reports, scientists are stunned after a giant crack, over a half-mile long appeared in Mexico. …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Fox Accidentally Leaks Trump’s 2016 VP Pick… Fans Stunned

There’s less than a month until the Republican National Convention, and new reports are coming in that Alabama Sen. Jeff …Read the Rest

MUSLIM NYPD Cop Disobeys Beard Policy, Gets NASTY Surprise From Superiors

Masood Syed, a 10-year Muslim veteran of the NYPD, is suing the department because they wouldn’t let him grow his …Read the Rest

Hillary Clinton Caught Calling Jewish People ‘K***s’… Her Career Is Over

Bill and Hillary Clinton have put on quite a show to appear as advocates of racial equality, but anecdotes published …Read the Rest

SHOCK: Trump Makes Surprising Announcement About His VP… You’re Gonna Love This

According to recent reports, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is suspected to be GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s top choice for …Read the Rest

BREAKING: 2016 Presidential Candidate Found Dead At Cleveland Motel

According to reports, 56-year-old Dr. Marc A. Feldman of Cleveland was found dead on Wednesday at the Americas Best Value …Read the Rest